From a factory worker to a traveller around the world

All this became possible thanks to self-education, the need for which I realized as a 15-year-old boy in a poor provincial town.

My name is Oleg, I’m 29 years old, and I’m a teleworker, that is, I don’t need to work in the office, and work for 2-4 hours, rarely longer.  

I lived in Ulyanovsk. It’s not a small town, but poor. And in 2004 it was a mixture of destroyed withering factories, unemployment and alcoholics.

I lived an ordinary life, hang out with friends, went fishing and collected non-ferrous metal to earn extra money. I didn’t see the opportunity to get a job at that age, as all adults complained about the lack of work and low wages. It felt like I was hopeless. As a college student, I had an internship in the plant, which looked more like an object in Stalker than a production company. 

And since I didn’t know any other reality, I lived like everyone else. But I had a hobby that saved me – namely, computers. I have always liked to work with computers, to set them up or just play video games. With the money I saved, I bought a monthly glossy magazine about computers and it was an opportunity to look into another life, and when an IT professional, a friend of mine, told me that you can earn money on the Internet, I decided to get the home Internet.

But parents said something like “There’s so much on the Internet! You’re going crazy out there!” I didn’t understand “much” of what there was on the Internet and why I went crazy there. And decided to get access to the Internet, by all means.

Now everyone has the Internet, and then it was expensive (10-15% of the average monthly salary). And they connected to the Internet via home phone, which was in the next room.

Not agreeing with my parents’ arguments, on the day when no one was home, I tore off the skirting board on the way from the computer to the room with the phone, held the cord from the phone to my computer and returned the skirting boards to the place, carefully hiding the traces of the crime.

I bought a modem for the accumulated hard work of 700 rubles, which in those days was the equivalent today of about 3 thousand rubles. At first, I bought hourly access cards that tripled the time at night, so I surfed the Internet at night, and began to study it, and especially the opportunities to earn money in it.

He who seeks will always find. Realizing that the Internet is a place of communication of many people from different cultures and social strata, I joined this new social environment and took up a small part-time job, like to make some kind of picture or animation. And I studied how to do it, only after I had received the order.

And then I realized that you can quickly learn anything, and the Internet can answer any question! And so the Internet has become for me a way out into a new reality – where life is in full swing, with a lot of different people who realize their interesting and bold ideas!

Although the first month’s things were not going well and I managed to earn only the cost of the Internet.

But then I noticed that there were a lot of requests on creating or finalizing the web-sites. I decided to dive into this topic and started reading the publications. It was easier than I expected. I thought that it was necessary to learn a complex programming language from hundreds of commands, but there was no need to program, only to learn the HTML markup language in which there are about fifty or even less frequently used commands. And all the questions that arose could be answered with the Internet or the forum.

And then I responded to another publication about the need to create 5 simplest sites and for 2 days earned 900 rubles ($30)! Then it was as if now thousands of 4 rubles. Yes, and I worked far into the night, but it was worth it!

It so turned my head that I understood – there are no limits! You can do anything! And I created a web-studio site and periodically received orders from it, and after a few months, I began to earn no less than my parents.

When someone phoned me, I took a leave of absence of teacher lectures in college and after some groaning, answered a rough voice “Web-Studio CD-Studio, good day!”. But that’s another story.

It was a soft job and was done fairly quickly. Perhaps more time was spent on the study of all kinds of new products than on the work itself.

I was helped by disagreement with the living conditions around me, the belief that you can quickly learn any skill, perseverance, openness to new things and curiosity. 

And then there was a move to Moscow, a trip to Russia in the city, where he found major customers and then moving to Thailand for 5 years, as well as many trips to the tropics of Southeast Asia. It was freedom and life without borders!

Over time, the skills of creating sites have developed so much that the daily amount of work began to be performed in 2-3 hours and I didn’t need to work for more than 2-4 hours for a very long period of time. Until then, until he began to develop his website builder in the international market and began to experiment a lot with advertising. Then I went back to long days of work, but not because of the need, but desire. But that’s another story!

But that you do not think that this is some kind of freebie, I will explain when you work only 2-4 hours a day, you miss work so much that in these 2-4 hours you are extremely concentrated and do not get distracted. This allows you to work on the result, and not just wasting time.

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