Facebook Connect work flow

1.The Facebook JavaScript SDK requires that you register your website with Facebook to get an App ID

2.Load the JavaScript SDK into your page and initialized it with your appId

3.Add the Login Button to your page using the <fb:login-button> XFBML element, When the user loads the page intheir browser, the JavaScript SDK renders the Login Button on your page

4.User Look for an icon (FConnect) on websites where Facebook Connect is available

5.User enters their Facebook identity, then submits the form

6.In order to log the user into the site three things need to happen(Facebook Platform uses OAuth 2.0 for authorization):

  • Facebook needs to authenticate the user (Username and Password)
  • Facebook needs to authenticate your website (AppID)
  • The user must explicitly authorize your website to access their information (popup)

7.A popup will ask you if you want to connect to Facebook. “Facebook Connect respects all the same privacy settings you have on Facebook”

8.If the user clicks Allow, will give your site access to the requested information. If the user clicks, Don’t Allow the dialog will close and no information will be available to your website

9.By default, Facebook give you access to the user’s name, picture and any other data they have shared with everyone on Facebook If you need access to more information, such as the user’s email address, etc. you must request permissions for this information. If you can do this by adding the permissions you need to the perms attribute of the fb:login-button

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